THANOS 2020 “HOPE” Style Election Posters – 11×17 inches – The Mad Titan!

HEY! If you were lucky enough to have survived “The Decimation”, then you gotta get onboard the Thanos Express fo 2020! Here is a candidate that really delivers on his promise. There’s so much more room now! Thanks, #Thanos 

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TRUMP’S NUTZ® – roasted nuts in the shell & ready to crack!

Click HERE to order your very own collector’s item of the finest nuts the president has to offer America! Makes a great gift for crazy uncles or anyone that sees the writing on the wall.

COVFEFE t-shirts are available for a limited time!

Put it in a logo and it looks like it means something! But we all know it don’t mean shit! So get on board while you still can! All shirts are 100% cotton and made right here on planet Earth!


Another New T-Shirt Design From Obscure Brand Comix!
Just click on the ETSY link to order your very own!
Available on White, Natural (shown) & Gray.

Hope for the best, expect the worse!



Great casual wear for all your protests, flag burnings or just about any other kind of leftist un-American activities you and your comrades are secretly involved in!

Remember… It’s all just good old clean fun!

When the protests are over…

Slap one of these Obscure Brand Comix Bumper Stickers on your car and you can
continue to tell the world that the impending apocalypse is NOT YOUR FAULT!


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New “ELECTION 2016” Shirts

ALL Of Our “Election 2016” Posters Are Now Available On T-Shirts!

Let The World Know How Important Your Vote Really Is!  Head over to the OBSCURE BRAND STORE and check ’em out.  BTW – ALL of our ELECTION 2016 shirts are on SALE till the actual election… only $15 each!  Howzat for a campaign promise?

Just a few of the “ELECTION 2016” shirts. There are over 30 of ’em to choose from! That’s enough to wear a different candidate every day till the election!