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Our newest design in the Obscure Brand “VINTAGE” series re-creates the BEATLES 1964 World Tour with custom city names where the Fab Four played to unprecedented sell out crowds. Select the city of your choice from the band’s itinerary that summer. And with the print’s “vintage” texture, it’ll look as though you’ve been wearing this shirt everyday since ’64! Click on our ETSY link to order yours today!


Another New T-Shirt Design From Obscure Brand Comix!
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Available on White, Natural (shown) & Gray.

Hope for the best, expect the worse!



Great casual wear for all your protests, flag burnings or just about any other kind of leftist un-American activities you and your comrades are secretly involved in!

Remember… It’s all just good old clean fun!

New episode of GET SERIOUS!

After a long holiday break, our online comic GET SERIOUS is back on track!
Omar has consumed a very large quantity of snacks laced with cannabis and has quitely settled in to watch “TEX SIMIAN – Fastest Ape West of the Pecos”!

To see the full size version and a lot more click here.

An American Hero! Astronaut John Glenn 1921-2016

john glenn and the friendship 7 capsule
JOHN GLENN – American astronaut & US Senator – 1921-2016

I remember sitting in my first-grade class when John Glenn’s Mercury rocket, Friendship 7, took off. The audio of the launch was being piped into the classroom (no TV’s in the classroom back then!) and as a young astronaut wanna-be, I was eagerly awaiting the final countdown. When the announcer cried “Lift-Off!”, everyone jumped from their seats and ran to the window to catch a glimpse of the quickly rising rocket. HA! Such silly children I thought, as I stayed firmly planted in my seat, eyes fixed on the PA speaker. The fact that we were all attending Edmonson Elementary School, located in Madison Heights, a suburb of Detroit, MI, far, far from the Cape Canaveral launch pad, I KNEW that there was absolutely NO WAY you could see the rocket from our location, no matter how much one could stretch up on their little tiny tippy toes and peer out the window. I smugly sat there for 20 seconds or so, then ran to the window too… maybe they knew something I didn’t.  Don’t wanna miss it! But of course they didn’t. Nothing but blue skies. I would have to wait for that night’s evening news (with Walter Cronkite!) to see the launch.

Back then we were all fascinated with the US space program. Things stopped all across the country to watch the launches & landings.
It can be said that a lot of it was government propaganda and that the Mercury Seven were pumped up to be something they weren’t.
But in the end, whatever image was fabricated, the reality was that these guys were sitting on a huge bomb! And they rode that bomb into space!
And they made this little first grader dream of a brighter future.
We could all use some more of that right about now.

God speed, John Glenn!
Thanks for your courage!