How to be a Zombie (with out all that annoying “dead” stuff)!

Now YOU can be the GHOUL you’ve always wanted to be… without the TROUBLE and INCONVENIENCE of ACTUALLY BEING DEAD! From the picture of your choice, you can now have anyone… family, friends, pets, immortalized as a member of the ever growing ZOMBIE NATION!

I will be working DIRECTLY from your photo, so the expression you have as a human, is the expression you’ll have as a member of the undead! If you’re a smiling human, then you’ll be a smiling zombie, too.
•Well lit, large “head shots” work best. The bigger the photo, the better.
•JPEG is the preferred format for sending thru email. Keep it below 5MB.
•Other hi-resolution options are available (FTP, DROPBOX, etc.). Contact me if you need to use these.

•I will create your portrait and then ship you a HIGH QUALITY, SUITABLE FOR FRAMING, 8 X 10 INCH PRINT in about 1-2 weeks.
•I will also send you a link that will enable you to DOWNLOAD A JPEG OF THE PORTRAIT, suitable for online use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,
•You will also get a link to a HIGH-RESOLUTION FILE that can be used for printing cards, posters, calendars, shirts or anything else you’d like to put your rotting face on!



George Orwell and his Magic Penguin

Just received in the mail a great new book by artist Blair Gauntt entitled “George Orwell and his Magic Penguin”.

It’s a 150 page collection of single panel mash-up musings of pop culture and historical figures, rendered in black & white expertise. I truly envy his minimalist line work… I aspire to someday have as much confidence as he does in displaying the visual bare essence of an Anton Chekhov pun or Warren Oates gag!

This one just might be true!

Go to his website HERE and pick up a copy and if ya ask real nice I bet he’ll sign it too!

and btw – it’s all made right here in the good ole’ USA! Yay!

COVFEFE t-shirts are available for a limited time!

Put it in a logo and it looks like it means something! But we all know it don’t mean shit! So get on board while you still can! All shirts are 100% cotton and made right here on planet Earth!

New episodes of “Get Serious”!

While working on a new issue of DANGERWORLD (among other things), I have also been posting brand spanking new episodes of the cannabis infused comic GET SERIOUS for Serious Monkey Bizzness. If you haven’t seen them yet, may I suggest you cease reading this drivel and click here! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Obscure goes to WONDERCON 2017!

Obscure Brand Comix has some time off this week so we can head on over to Anaheim, CA and mingle with all our fans at this year’s WONDERCON!

Stop by booth #SP-10 in the small press area (way in the back!)
and check out all of our Obscure brand stuff!
We got shirts, posters, cup, magnets, buttons clocks (yes… CLOCKS!)
…and oh yeah, COMICS!
Remember… say the secret word and win stuff!

Thoughts on The Walking Dead – episode “Bury Me Here” 3/12/17

Sometimes the writing on TWD is just so damn good and sometimes it is SO BAD. I’m afraid the bad seems to be winning this season.
This part just baffled me…

This was the day after Benjamin had been shot and then dies. The Kingdomites are making good on their melon tribute to the Saviors…
King asks “what are you guys talking about?”, Richard says he will tell him later, King says “tell me now!”, Saviors roll up, Morgan goes crazy and kills Richard, Morgan says it was all a plot hatched up by Richard to get the King motivated into fighting the Saviors and no one …NO ONE thinks that it just might have been crazy Morgan’s idea and that is what Richard was going to tell the king before they were interrupted, and Morgan’s act was just a way to cover up his guilt? And to top it off, the fact that everyone just stood around looking oh-so-suprised while letting Morgan murder one of their own is just #%@&! ridiculous!

C’mon… really?

And, btw… where have all the zombies gone, long time passing?
…where have all the zombies gone, long time ago?