“BUZZ” T-SHIRT – Gemini & Apollo Astronaut. American Hero!

“American engineer and former astronaut. As the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, he was one of the first two humans to land on the Moon, and the second person to walk on it. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 on July 21, 1969 (UTC), following mission commander Neil Armstrong. He is a former U.S. Air Force officer with the Command Pilot rating. He also went into orbit on the Gemini 12 mission, finally achieving the goals for EVA (space-walk work) that paved the way to the Moon and success for the Gemini program; he spent over five hours on EVA on that mission.” – Wikipedia

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Everything OLD is NEW again!

Cleaning out the garage… found this in the archives and thought I would update it for the internet age! Enjoy!

Please pass this comedic gem onto those who are un-initiated in the ways of classic  juvenile humor. The world will be a better place for it.

APOLLO Spacecraft Commemorative T-Shirt

“I find myself now preaching about the golden age of manned spaceflight, because something went on there, within us, that we’re missing. When we went to the Moon, it was not only just standing on a new plateau for all mankind. We changed the way everybody in the world thought of themselves, you know. It was a change that went on inside of us. And we’re losing that.” – R. Walter Cunningham,


The forgotten Stooge… SHEMP HOWARD! He was actually one of the original Stooges, when the act was known as “Ted Healy and his Stooges” from 1923 to 1932. He left to pursue a successful film career as a solo comedian and returned in 1947 to replace his brother, Curly who suffered a stroke. He remained a Stooge until his death in 1955.

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OBC at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

Once COMIKAZE… now L.A. Comic Con. By any name, still a great show!

Just got word that our application for an Artist Alley table went thru for this years Comikaze… or as it’s now called, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con! Haven’t got a table number yet, but I will post that ASAP. Stay tuned!

A Friendly Reminder…

With all that’s going on these days in the wacky world of US politics, I would just like to remind you all that we still have a few of our “DON’T BLAME ME!” bumper stickers available…
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