New episodes of “GET SERIOUS” are in the works!

Here at the OBSCURE BRAND COMIX headquarters, our crack crew of artists and writers are feverishly working on the latest episodes of GET SERIOUS… the on-line comic that asks can 3 pot-smoking friends maintain a buzz while being simian! Rest assured that we are working tirelessly, in the hope, that YOU, dear reader, may hopefully be amused in some small way and hence, be a better citizen, equipped with that positive attitude needed to confront this miserable existence  we call life. ENJOY!

WORK IN PROGRESS – episode 9 of “Meet The Lil’ Nugs”! Seems our liddle Nug has a roach problem! …and not the good kinda roach, either!

You can catch all the old & new episodes of “GET SERIOUS” HERE!

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Obscure Brand at WONDERCON ’18 – AA Table #E-61

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From the classic sci-fi flick “The Day The Earth Stood Still” comes that all time favorite mechanical menace, GORT! And he’s ready to hand out some apocalyptic annihilation unless you say these three simple words… KLAATU BARADA NIKTO! Get your very own t-shirt or jersey NOW before he zaps us all into oblivion! Click HERE or the STORE link above to order.