Obscure goes to WONDERCON 2017!

Obscure Brand Comix has some time off this week so we can head on over to Anaheim, CA and mingle with all our fans at this year’s WONDERCON!

Stop by booth #SP-10 in the small press area (way in the back!)
and check out all of our Obscure brand stuff!
We got shirts, posters, cup, magnets, buttons clocks (yes… CLOCKS!)
…and oh yeah, COMICS!
Remember… say the secret word and win stuff!

Thoughts on The Walking Dead – episode “Bury Me Here” 3/12/17

Sometimes the writing on TWD is just so damn good and sometimes it is SO BAD. I’m afraid the bad seems to be winning this season.
This part just baffled me…

This was the day after Benjamin had been shot and then dies. The Kingdomites are making good on their melon tribute to the Saviors…
King asks “what are you guys talking about?”, Richard says he will tell him later, King says “tell me now!”, Saviors roll up, Morgan goes crazy and kills Richard, Morgan says it was all a plot hatched up by Richard to get the King motivated into fighting the Saviors and no one …NO ONE thinks that it just might have been crazy Morgan’s idea and that is what Richard was going to tell the king before they were interrupted, and Morgan’s act was just a way to cover up his guilt? And to top it off, the fact that everyone just stood around looking oh-so-suprised while letting Morgan murder one of their own is just #%@&! ridiculous!

C’mon… really?

And, btw… where have all the zombies gone, long time passing?
…where have all the zombies gone, long time ago?

She Loves You, Ya, Ya, Ya…

Our newest design in the Obscure Brand “VINTAGE” series re-creates the BEATLES 1964 World Tour with custom city names where the Fab Four played to unprecedented sell out crowds. Select the city of your choice from the band’s itinerary that summer. And with the print’s “vintage” texture, it’ll look as though you’ve been wearing this shirt everyday since ’64! Click on our ETSY link to order yours today!

“NASTY WOMAN” t-shirt now on sale!


Just released on the OBSCURE BRAND Etsy store … It’s the political and social statement of 2016!
And for a limited time, it comes with a FREE “BAD HOMBRE” button!




New additions to the Obscure family

I am amazed at what floats my boat now days.
We bought some body forms to help display the t-shirts at the upcoming Comikaze convention.
Can’t wait to see if they help!
Stan Lee’s LA Comic Convention (Comikaze) Oct. 28-30, 2016 http://comikazeexpo.com

Welcome aboard, fellas!
Welcome aboard, fellas!