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Hey! Free button!

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It’s official: OBC will be at ARTIST ALLEY table #E36!

Stop by our AA table next weekend at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con and, as always, say THE SECRET WORD and you’ll win a FREE brand spankin’ new comic book! Till then, Sihm Sahla Bihm!

APOLLO Spacecraft Commemorative T-Shirt

“I find myself now preaching about the golden age of manned spaceflight, because something went on there, within us, that we’re missing. When we went to the Moon, it was not only just standing on a new plateau for all mankind. We changed the way everybody in the world thought of themselves, you know. It was a change that went on inside of us. And we’re losing that.” – R. Walter Cunningham,

OBC at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

Once COMIKAZE… now L.A. Comic Con. By any name, still a great show!

Just got word that our application for an Artist Alley table went thru for this years Comikaze… or as it’s now called, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con! Haven’t got a table number yet, but I will post that ASAP. Stay tuned!