The Amazing MUELLER Talking Action Figure! And he’s got a lot to say!

A little background on this item…
It has been one year since I had open-heart surgery (double bypass w/an artificial valve replacement) and let me tell ya… it has been one crazy year on the road to recovery. For the first four months, I couldn’t do just about anything because of physical limitations and spent the majority of my time in bed. But the mental effects lasted much longer and I found it nearly impossible to concentrate on doing any illustration work. Until now. I’ve had this idea since everyone was waiting for Mr. Mueller to deliver us all from evil, but then were too damn lazy to read his report. I’m sure if this figurine were real it would help us all understand just what the hell is in it!

Our Newest Candidate for 2020… DROGON!

Things are going to start to heat up with our newest 100% cotton t-shirt highlighting the latest candidate to throw his formidable hat into the ring… the winged shadow, DROGON of Game of Thrones fame!

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